@ Citrus Skin Studio. Customized acne treatments to achieve healthy skin.

Licensed,certified,advanced practice estheticians to coach your way to clear skin. 


Hello and welcome to the Get Clear Stay Clear acne treatment program at Citrus Skin Studio! If you are suffering from breakouts,unbalanced skin,and dark spots from picking and do not know where to start, let us guide you through the process. 

Initial Consultation


 You will meet one to one with a licensed acne specialist to review your acne history, diet and activities. There are many things that can contribute to acne. 

Customized Treaments


Treatment starts at your first visit.  Your skin will be tested for sensitivity and photos will be taken to track your progress.* 

Professional Grade Products


 You will be given detailed instructions for your customized home care products. The products have potent ingredients and are tailored just for you.


You will visit us every 2 weeks for a treatment and to strengthen your homecare. 


On average it can take 90 days to clear. Between treatment visits, you can take advantage of LED therapy to further minimize redness and promote healing. 


Our program has a 90% success rate.*  We are here to work you through the clearing process.

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